Hungarian layered potatoes

Magyarul  ⇣ Hungarian layered potatoes Now I show you a simple dish what we eat very often in Hungary, since it’s so filling and the ingredients are quite cheap. If you wanna save time, you can make some preparations a bit earlier than you actually put the dish in the oven.

Venison stew

Magyarul  ⇣ Venison stew On special occasions or just to spice up your everyday menu, feel free to choose a more noble, wild meat such as venison. The preparation of venison stew is very similar to the beef version, the only difference is the seasoning; but like any other wild meat, venison can provide a very unique taste-experience. I normally make…

Hortobágy style pancake

Magyarul  ⇣  Hortobágy style pancake If you wanna try something new and unusual on Pancake Day, I suggest to prepare this savoury Hungarian dish. The crepes are stuffed with meat and poured by the sauce of the stew.

Pan-seared salmon

Magyarul  ⇣ Pan-seared salmon I try to cook fish at least once a week. Here is a simple recipe to enjoy the own, delicious flavours of Norwegian salmon. I hope you like fish and the idea of eat it often. This dish is suitable for a busy day as a quick lunch or dinner idea….